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4 week Chi Kung and Tai Chi Foundations Course with Rick Powell

In this 4 week course we will cover the basics in this method of Chi Kung from the school of Sifu Yen Hoa Lee.This is a great class for those who are new to these practices or a great review those coming back to them.This course is taught by Rick Powell. Head instructor at Sifu Lee's School and co owner of From the Heart Yoga.

In this Course you will Learn:

-The basic views Taoism, the school of philosophy that developed these beautiful health and martial arts practices.
- Standing Meditation( Zhuan Zhong) as a foundational practice to restore health and build vitality.
- Chi Gong, breath exercises combined with simple movements. These exercises are from passed down from Master Lee and his teacher Chiu Chuk Kai. The practices originate from a Taoist Temple in Shandong.
- Learning the 8 fundamental steps or foundational footwork for the style of Tai Chi from this lineage. The Style is Mor Wan Jeung, also called Tai Chi Jeung(Palm).

4 consecutive Wednesdays


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*If you wish to take the course again the review price is $55. Registration at front desk only for review price