The Heart of Meditation

Meditation is an indispensable practice for maintaining balance and clarity in everyday life. It is one of the major practices in yoga, you do the physical practice of asana to help prepare the body for the deeper states that can emerge through meditation. In this day and age, to sit quietly with the self and allow the body and mind to release stress and fatigue is of great value. At From The Heart, we offer courses and retreats that help to expand your knowledge and deepen your practice in meditation. We do this by offering various techniques that access the deeper states of awareness within the heart.

The Heart of Meditation Course

Courses for 2019 TBA

Cost: 4 Week course $125

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Please Join us for this Wonderful Course! The only requirements are a curious mind and an open heart.

In this 4 Week Course we will introduce the practice of meditation in a very practical and down to earth way. The practice of meditation is of great value in bringing one deeper into the many levels of awareness that reside in the heart. In this fast moving society meditation practice grants the mind serenity, the heart freedom and the body deep rest. Meditation is a great way to reset and de-stress the mind, heart, and body.

Week 1, 2/7 - Earth: setting the foundation for meditation practice.

Week 2, 2/14 - Water:  Exploring the depths of meditation with different techniques.

Week 3, 2/21 - Fire: Stoking the fire of meditation through the practice of mantra repetition and chanting.

Week 4, 2/28 - Ether/Space: Putting it all together in 2 extended meditation sessions. Creating space inside with mantra and dharana.

We will break down this practice into three key areas of focus reflecting 4 limbs from Patanjalis Yoga Sutras:

  1. Asana (posture)

  2. Pranayama (breath)

  3. Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation)

Posture: To facilitate meditation the posture or "seat" is important. Through basic alignment instruction we will set the foundation for your practice and will you in finding a posture that is comfortable whether on the floor or in a chair.

Exploring the Breath: the breath is integral to the practice of meditation. We will explore the natural breath and introduce basic methods of breath work in reclined and seated positions.

Exploring Awareness (dharana, dhyana): We will introduce different methods for gliding into the state of meditation. We will explore this practice with guided meditation instructions and introduce different tools for the mind that will support you in going deeper into the heart of awareness.

Benefits of establishing a regular meditation practice:

~ Increased focus/concentration

~Relieves Stress and Rejuvenates

~ Increases creativity and productivity

~ Strengthens connection between self and nature