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Stimulating Marma Points with Moxibustion and Cupping

There are many safe and effective methods for stimulating marma points common to both ayurveda and traditional chinese medicine. Moxabustion and cupping are two of the most common and user-friendly for the lay practitioner. moxa "wool" is derived from the mugwort plant, (artemisia vulgaris) and may be burned (without pain or scarring!) over many points. Cupping is a method of treating the points via suction instead of pressure. Sonam will demonstrate easy methods for both of these techniques and then we will have a supervised practice session. Personal modesty will be respected at all times. These are profound healing modalities that are fun and easy to apply. The materials are commonly available making them akin to what's called "grandmother ayurveda" or the "barefoot doctor's" tradition. This work is truly the yoga of medicine and the medicine of yoga!    Cost: $50  

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Sonam Targee has had a successful clinic in Ayurveda and herbal medicine, for 27 years. He has taught in Yoga Centers and hospitals around the country and he currently practices and lives in Rochester, NY. He was born in Tamil Nadu, South India , and has extensively studied Indian music, Indian medicine, and Indian spirituality. He has studied Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Robert, Svoboda, and Dr. Mahadevan. He holds a masters degree in Chinese Medicine, a practitioner's certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Bachelor's degree in Ethno-musicology.