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Ayurvedic Medicine Workshop with Sonam Targee

Preparing the Body for Fall 
Saturday 10am-12:30pm

Just as Winter is associated with Kapha dosha (water element) because of its damp/cold, and Summer is associated with Pitta dosha (fire element) because of its heat, Autumn is associated with Vata dosha (air and ether elements) because of its changeable nature. Ayurveda has a lot to say about how to manage Vata. The use of oils both internally and externally prevent the body from drying out, and this class will explore these in depth!

When lots of change is going on in Nature and the world around you, it’s important to stay centered and grounded thereby reducing stress levels and emotions such as anxiety, fear and worry are minimized. Lack of sleep is a Vata-related issue for many. This class will discuss pranayama, asana and herbal medicines to make SURE we all get a good night’s sleep!

Many of us suffer from the cold aspect of Vata. Pungent foods and herbs antidote the cold quite well!  pippli (Indian long-pepper) and ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg are some of the readily available and inexpensive ways to stay warm. We shall explore other remedies & foods that can be easily prepared for this time of year.

There are some beautiful and mystical aspect to Vata dosha that can be utilized in the Autumn. It is no mistake that “all hallow’s eve” and “all Saint’s Day” are celebrated in October! Ayurveda recognizes this time of year as especially good to remember those family members who have passed on; Ether element is subtle, Air element is subtle, so our awareness can be subtle, and much more open to spiritual beings!  It is a good time to thank them for passing on their DNA!

This class is useful to beginners as well as those more advanced students, because it present many strategies to pacify VATA dosha – the dosha associated with bones, teeth, hearing, memory and nerves.

Womens Health
Saturday 2:00-4:30pm

Women’s Health

This lecture will cover the Ayurvedic and Ancient Universal Medicine perspectives on the hormonal phases of a woman’s life!

Menarche – the onset of menses

Menstruation – pain-free

Fertility – “preparing the field”

Pregnancy – fostering new life

Delivery – setting the stage for the perfect outcome

Nursing, and breast health

Libido and contraception

Menopause and bone health

Although Ayurveda and ancient Asian medicine do not talk about hormones directly, they are very skillful when it comes to creating a healthy context for the hormones to be properly balanced.

This is both a theoretical presentation, as well as a practicum. Many remedies will be introduced that give deep insight into the Ayurvedic world-view as well as those for giving symptomatic relief!

$40 for an Individual section
$70 for entire day register here

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Sonam Targee has had a successful clinic in Ayurveda and herbal medicine, for 27 years. He has taught in Yoga Centers and hospitals around the country and he currently practices and lives in Rochester, NY. He was born in Tamil Nader, South India , and has extensively studied Indian music, Indian medicine, and Indian spirituality. He has studied Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Robert, Svoboda, and Dr. Mahadevan. He holds a masters degree in Chinese Medicine, a practitioner's certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Bachelor's degree in Ethno-musicology.

Schedule Saturday August 29, 2015