About From the Heart


Summer is Here!!!

"Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly"

~Pablo Neruda

Happy Almost Solstice!!! Summer is here in this beautiful state and it is an explosion of green! Get out and appreciate the silence and fragrance of nature in her fullness. Some of our favorite memories are about staying out till dusk in the warm summer night with good friends and enjoying each others company and conversation. We will be doing just that by taking a summer break to rest and recharge.Classes will resume on July 10th.

Summer Break

Closed for Holiday: June 25-July 9th , 2017

From The Heart was envisioned as an educational center rooted in traditional practices, with the understanding that they are continually changing and evolving art forms. We provide an atmosphere of serenity and support in which to cultivate health, well-being and to focus on the inner self.



At our Center, we take great honor in sharing this ancient practice. With intensive training and years of experience, our teachers bring an unparalleled knowledge to every class. Once the foundational integrity is strong, the transformational power this method offers is limitless.

Tai Chi

We offer an exquisite method of Tai Chi from the North of China. For twenty nine years, Rick Powell has studied with Master Yen Hoa Lee, the descendent of this method. From this dedication, he offers the integrity of the lineage and a deep understanding of the subtleties in each form.

Upcoming Events

We host international teachers including, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Dr. Douglas Brooks, for weekend workshops and intensives. In addition, we bring in many other great teachers, scholars, healers and musicians to inspire and enhance our practices.


Reviews From Our Community

Since studying at From the Heart, I have truly come into “living” yoga beyond the mat. The overall mind/body/spirit connection has not only become very real and made me more aware on all levels of my own personal growth, but has also enhanced my connection to community and the world around me. I am more grounded, peaceful, observant, grateful and authentic.
— Ashley