New Location Open Soon

We will literally, and physically, be moving up in the world!!! into an expansive new space in the treetops on the corner of Leonard and Eastern on the NE side of town. The view will be beautiful, and the parking will be plentiful!!! (Thank God!). The building houses a unique creative and collaborative energy above Goon Lagoon recording studios. We are so happy to be invited into this space and welcomed so generously by the owners, Tommy and Emily Schichtel. We will be moving into the new location in mid to late June.

New Pop Up for Yoga Classes and Schedule for Coming Weeks!! 

St Josephs Dance Hall Aquinas College 1700 Fulton St E, 49506

Enter Main entrance off Fulton drive down behind athletic center into lower lot #2, park, walk across creek and into the Dance Hall!!     

 New Limited Yoga Schedule!!!

Tuesday (tonight)6:00pm  Yoga All Levels

Wednesday 9:00am  Yoga All Levels

Saturday 9:00am Yoga All Levels

Tai Chi Schedule for Wilcox Park ( Weather Permitting)

Monday 6:00pm Advanced Tai Chi

Tuesday 9:00am All Levels Tai Chi

Wednesday 5:30pm All Levels Tai Chi


We Can't Wait to see you all There!

With Love,

Behnje and Rick

About From the Heart

This New year will no doubt, have changes for us all. What do you wish for this coming year? What steps will you take to make that happen? Being healthy, disciplined in practice , and strong are what keeps us steady when everything else is not. Yoga and Tai Chi are the perfect way to find equanimity and maintain sanity in a sometimes crazy world:) The goal is not eternal happiness, the goal is to be able to meet each situation knowing you are equal to it. Meet every moment, happy or sad, taste it fully, and use it to grow and flourish. Create a deeper connection to the world in which you live and the fellow beings in your circle.This is Yoga... Make 2018 a better year for all:) 

Happy New Year!
For those of you New to the Center, Welcome!

For those of you who study with us, Thank You!

From The Heart is an educational center rooted in the traditional practices of Yoga and Tai Chi with the understanding that they are continually changing and evolving art forms. Heartfelt Intention is key in Yoga practice , combined with solid alignment and flowing movement,  growth happens naturally.  Through these practices we cultivate a deeper connection to our own heart, to each other as students, and to the community in which we live.



At our Center, we take great honor in sharing this ancient practice. With intensive training and years of experience, our teachers bring an unparalleled knowledge to every class. Once the foundational integrity is strong, the transformational power this method offers is limitless.

Tai Chi

We offer an exquisite method of Tai Chi from the North of China. For twenty nine years, Rick Powell has studied with Master Yen Hoa Lee, the descendent of this method. From this dedication, he offers the integrity of the lineage and a deep understanding of the subtleties in each form.

Upcoming Events

We host international teachers including, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Dr. Douglas Brooks, for weekend workshops and intensives. In addition, we bring in many other great teachers, scholars, healers and musicians to inspire and enhance our practices.


Reviews From Our Community

Since studying at From the Heart, I have truly come into “living” yoga beyond the mat. The overall mind/body/spirit connection has not only become very real and made me more aware on all levels of my own personal growth, but has also enhanced my connection to community and the world around me. I am more grounded, peaceful, observant, grateful and authentic.
— Ashley