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Winter Solstice Meditation Retreat

The Winter Solstice is a time for renewal. It is the time of year when the nights are the longest. Soon we will turn that corner and the days will become longer. It is the perfect time to align with nature and create a vision of your life for the coming year. Join us to deepen your intentions with chanting, meditating, and celebrating in good company!

The practice of meditation is of great value in bringing one deeper into the many levels of awareness that reside in the heart. In this fast moving society meditation practice grants the mind serenity, the heart freedom and the body deep rest. Meditation is a great way to reset and de-stress the mind, heart, and body.

In this Retreat we will work with the practice of meditation in a very practical and down to earth way. We will introduce different techniques for exploring the inner space of awareness. This practice will be broken down into four key areas of focus reflecting 4 limbs from Patanjalis Yoga Sutras:

Asana (posture)
Pranayama (breath)
Dharana (concentration)
Dhyana (meditation)

Posture: To facilitate meditation the posture or "seat" is important. Through basic alignment instruction we will set the foundation for your practice and will you in finding a posture that is comfortable whether on the floor or in a chair.

Exploring the Breath: the breath is integral
to the practice of meditation. We will explore the natural breath and introduce basic methods of breath work as well as the practice of Chanting(Kirtan).

Exploring Awareness: We will introduce different methods for gliding into the state of meditation. We will explore this practice with guided meditation instructions and introduce different tools for the mind that will support you in going deeper into the heart of awareness.

The Winter Solstice Meditation Retreat will be Co-taught by Behnje Masson & Rick Powell. All hours count toward RYA continuing study for RYA Certified Teachers.

$30 in advance / $35 the day of