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All levels 2:30-4:30, $40

This is an introduction to shadow work and the art of inner alchemy for all yogis. Shadow work is instrumental in the healing of one’s body-mind connection, for avoiding your shadow only makes it stronger. Learn how to track your shadow and navigate through it in order to live from a more authentic and powerful place.

This workshop includes:

- Tips and tricks for processing difficult emotions

- Mindfulness, breath, body, and how to integrate asana

- Understanding personal story through Jungian active imagination skills

- Mythology as a gateway to personal revelation

About Theodore Kyriakos

"One of the Theo’s gifts is the ability to translate the esoteric language of inner alchemy into down-to-earth, practical language that goes straight to the heart of the matter. His training as a transpersonal psychotherapist and his many years of meditation in the Sufi tradition along with his Shamanic studies, create a highly synergistic field for assisting people on their path through the dark unknown and into the light of awareness." -- Sianna Sherman

Theodore Kyriakos guides people the world over into the sacred flame of the heart. At the early age of eighteen, Theo discovered the Eastern traditions and immediately resonated with mediation. From that time on, he has devoted his life to studying and practicing such modalities as depth psychology, psychotherapy, dream work, hands-on-healing, Tai-Chi, Sufi mysticism, Shamanism, body work, and alchemy.

A native of Greece now living in California, Theo has years of personal and professional experience as a psychotherapist, group facilitator, and supervisor in the UK as well as a counselor in the US. He holds a MA and Advanced Diploma in Integrative Transpersonal Counseling and Psychotherapy (CCPE, London, UK), a postgrad Certificate in Dreamwork, and is registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

Theodore’s work fuses East with West, light with dark, known with unknown. Since relocating to the States he has focused primarily on Shadow Work as a way to help others explore and unfold their true potential, develop their inner resources, and access their creativity to live a joyful and activated life. He offers powerful, creative tools to engage the here and now, draw wisdom from inner conflict, and transform the relationship with Self and Other, thus introducing more love, freedom and joy into our everyday lives.